Virtual Team Experts

Companies just need to face up to the challenges, recognise the dangers of inaction and be innovative in their approach to solving problems that involve their most precious resource: their people.

Economist Intelligence Unit, Competing Across Borders, 2012

Why rely on the wisdom of the few when we can tap into the collective intelligence of many?

Jacob Morgan, The Future Organisation, 2015

Flexible working is not only beneficial for wellbeing, commitment and efficiency in the workplace, it also lends a competitive edge to your recruitment strategies.

James Nicholson, MD Robert Walters, 2015

why virtual?

Virtual teams are the cornerstone of the digital workforce of the future.

The number and diversity of these teams is growing. Make sure your organisation knows how to fully leverage them.

Whether it's teams of subject matter experts collaborating around the world or digital nomads working as they travel, the future of work looks very different.

"The way I think about culture is that modern humans have radically changed the way that they work and the way that they live. Companies need to change the way they manage and lead to match the way that modern humans actually work and live."

Brian Halligan, CEO, Hubspot

Virtual working greatly benefits organisations

"As demonstrated by our recent study, a properly executed program for telecommuting can be extremely effective at unlocking employee potential by increasing work-life balance, productivity and overall satisfaction."

Rami Mazid, VP, Global Client Services & Operations, Cisco

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