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Companies just need to face up to the challenges, recognise the dangers of inaction and be innovative in their approach to solving problems that involve their most precious resource: their people.

Economist Intelligence Unit, Competing Across Borders, 2012

Why rely on the wisdom of the few when we can tap into the collective intelligence of many?

Jacob Morgan, The Future Organisation, 2015

Flexible working is not only beneficial for wellbeing, commitment and efficiency in the workplace, it also lends a competitive edge to your recruitment strategies.

James Nicholson, MD Robert Walters, 2015

virtual teams

"Virtual teams provide access to the best local, national and international talent."

A virtual team is a group of people working together to accomplish shared goals without ever, or rarely, meeting in person.

virtual teams may rarely if ever see each other

"The risks posed by ineffective or less than ideal cross-border collaboration and communication can be measured, and the impact on financial performance can also be quantified. That being said, the risks can be minimised by smarter recruitment and a workforce that is trained to handle the rigours of operating on an international stage."

Competing Across Borders, Economist Intelligence Unit

Ensuring a remote team delivers on their objectives and performs as well as, or often better than, office based teams is founded on their virtual team training.

Everyone in the team must know how to engage and be genuinely effective when they work remotely.

"Nortel estimates that they save $100,000 per employee they don't have to relocate."

Global Workplace


"Work-life balance is key for attraction and commitment."

Corporate Executive Board

Creating virtual team strategies that provide a better quality of work-life balance will help you motivate and retain employees who could be telecommuting 100% of the time or hot-desking at an office or co-location nearer their home.